Timecodes ! 2003; 3 channel video with sound, 3.5 minutes

screenings: Kamikaze Collective show, Hallwalls Contemporary Arts Center, Buffalo, NY; Open Video Projects, Rome; Rat-Powered Film Festival, Santa Cruz.

Timecodes critically riffs off of Roland Barthes' and Chris Marker's fascination with the stopping of the moving image. Through multiple timeframes, the metonymic relationship of 'before' 'during' and 'after' are expressed.
Great Success 2003, 5min. video for screening

screenings: European Media Arts Festival, Osnabruek, International Surrealist Film Festival, New York; Super 8 Film + Video Festival, Rutgers (honorable mention); Video Mundi, Chicago; Images Festival, Toronto.

Great Success was imagined as the first in a series of video shorts that attempt to fill the role set by William Blake, of text closely tied with abstracted imagery in his lithograph series, The Songs of Innocense and The Songs of Experience. Great Success was to be the first in a series of Songs of Fertility: each verse based story would tell a hyper-narrative of contemporary excess. Great Success toys with the creation of a fantasy-scape where the performance, aesthetic abstraction, and hyper-saturated video co-exist in harmonious and dissonant counter-point. .
Scopophilia ! 2004, multi-channel video for screening, 4min.

In Scopophilia, a three channel live-mix video is created through the display of two diegetic camera POVs!the two cameras strapped to the head as virtual eyes. A ritualistic performance is then documented: an enactment of what Baudrillard would call the hysteria of masculine sexuality.

screenings: 'Resolutions', Hallwalls Contemporary Arts Center, Buffalo.
Distance of the Observer ! 2003, multi-channel video w/ film for screening, 4min.

Distance of the Observer takes as its point of inspiration an exchange made in a Joan Jonas video: "Where is your father in these pictures?" "Oh, he's behind the camera." Multi-channels and the difference between the film and video medium are used to express the separation inherent in the gaze and the hysteria of male sexuality in the specular.

screenings: Kamikaze Collective show, Buffalo, New York. Rutgers Film & Animation Festival, NJ.
The Masked Marvel ! 2004 , 9min. video with film for broadcast, commissioned by Niagara Council for the Arts and Lockport Community Cable

screenings: Lockport Community Cable; OMSK Film!Video!Performance!Sound!Mayhem!, London, UK; Rough & Ready @ Soundlab, Buffalo, NY; Pleasure Dome, Toronto

Taking the true story of Buffalo Monsignor Francis Keliher who in the 1930's wrestled under the moniker, The Masked Marvel, this film uses a combination of iconic images and simple text. The end product is a documentary that takes the imposition of story onto a history to the extreme, and insists on the iconic as epistemology in media.
Desire , (2001) 6min. Super 16mm, made in conjunction with The Evergreen State College, Guerilla Filmmaking Class

screenings: Matchbook Film Festival, California

Using the style of cinematic suspense, a short story of voyearism is inventively explored.