Windows (Aitken's) - limited edition prints on canvas, 10"X12", 2011

A companion piece to a series of popup window art pages. See  popupZOO  (note, to view this work you must have 'popups' enabled/allowed in your browser)


Junaio Glue based app for iPhone and Android

Created as part of the Manifest.AR exhibition at the Boston Cyberarts Festival 2011

'La Jet¨Ĥe alla Sherrie Levine' (2011)

Framed LCD screen with HD video and sound

This piece was inspired by the publication of Chris Marker's film 'La Jet¨Ĥe' in book form several years ago. I wanted to capture the inherent tension and irony in that publication.

'Gates of Time' (2010)

Algorithmic photograph 15' X 6' (15 3'X3' panels)

This large image, recently added to the collection of Visual Studies Workshop's Siskind Gallery in Rochester, was created by attempting to stitch Eadweard Muybridge's Motion Studies in to panoramas. Crystalline structures of time result.

'Flashes' (2010)

HD video with sound, commissioned for the opening ceremonies of the Burchfield Penney Arts Center, Buffalo, NY

To produce this piece, I performed (jumped) in a pitch-black studio while being recorded with a slow-shutter camera. Individual frames were exposed by photo-strobes which became part of the performance. Several takes were overlaid, seeking out a sort of quantum film space of frames.

'Leaving Again' (2009)

HD video with sound, multichannel

This is a companion piece to my 2005 video work, 'Leaving', made upon my second departure from Buffalo in 2009.

Mirror Series, videos 1-3 (2008-09)

HD video with sound. As installaed at the Arlington Arts Center, 2010, on two 8' X 4' screens

The Mirror Series videos were a part of the large-scale video installation, Double Narcissism, first installed at Big Orbit Gallery, Buffalo, NY in 2009. Using trick photography, an impossible space of reflection is created in a bathroom mirror and used as a stage for narcissistic performance.

Termini (2009)

Made with Chris Ernst, music by Otto Muller

Inspired by Guy Maddin, an underwater industrial space is explored by the pre-natal. Exhibited at the Toronto Underground Film Festival.

'AR Sliding Puzzle' (2011... in progress)

New marker-based AR interface demo

Inspired by the sliding puzzle games, this new AR interface will be used for an upcoming AR installation, '48 Dancers'.

'La Jet¨Ĥe' (2008)

HD video with sound (exerpt, original 10 min.)

Another piece stemming from my fascination with the Chris Marker film. Here I scan through the 16mm film print of La Jet¨Ĥe using a shutterless viewer (actually a library microfiche viewer). Ironically the viewer animates what was intended as still, and makes invisible the intended climactic animation of the woman in bed. A second, surreal film is created.

'Selfportrait as Vincent Van Gogh' (2010)

Framed LCD screens slideshows

This piece, made for the 2009 CEPA members show in Buffalo, was inspired by Douglas Gordon's 'Selfportrait as Kurt Cobain'. Using the half-animation of the LCD screen slideshow, a series of posterized self-portraits are shown on the large screen. My ear has been amputated by Photoshop, but it has been appropriated on a smaller LCD screen that dangles by its power cord.

'Weekend' (2009)

LCD screen slideshow with audio

This is part of a series of works that explore algorithmic image-making, seeking out tensions between the still and moving image. Here Godard's famous tracking shot from Weekend has been converted into its still frames and then run through an algorithmic panorama creator. The resulting impossible panoramas, fractured by time but not space, riff off of the collision in the original images and audio of that scene.

'Blue Arms' (2004)

Installed at the Rough and Ready Installation Show, Buffalo, NY 2004

Not really new, but this old piece escaped my website. It hung chained from the ceiling of the Formula Gallery, playing on loop. It must have been inspired by Peter Campus, although I think I had never seen his work at that time.