GARhodes 2008 -- Mirror Series

Multichannel video installation
Big Orbit Gallery, Buffalo, New York

video documentation -- press packet

The Mirror Series is a set of four minute videos that take as their point of departure the bathroom mirror. Through post production tricks, a fantasmic site of performance is created in the bathroom mirror, entering into the internal realm of self-absorbtion, fantasy, and identity creation. 5 of the Mirror Series videos were installed in a solo installation show, "Double Narcissism," at Big Orbit Gallery in 2008. The five videos were synced and projected onto 8'X8' facing plexiglass walls, in near darkness creating a space that was like entering the mirror. This was flanked with two other installation pieces that created real spaces of optical reflection: "Double Narcissus"–a double projection of a head underwater, each projection both reflected and refracted by a half-mirror to two screens, and "Mirror/Butterfly"–a medicine-cabinet mirror installed as projection screen.

The Mirror Series is now touring as an installation and is seeking exhibitions.