GARhodes -- Tesseract

11min. 35mm featurette
produced in Buffalo, New York

video excerpt -- full film

Tesseract draws a line between photographer Eadweard Muybridge's obsession with photographing movement and his act of jealous murder in 1873.

Muybridge's life and work became a fracturing of time where duration is sliced, mechanized, and stopped from flowing - this was a temporal insanity that led to cinema itself: the re-animation of the frozen image.

Muybridge's form, a spatial layout of time, is used here in film. The screen is split into panels, a moving photographic layout, fracturing our perspective of time, and the narrative of Muybridge's life.

tes·ser·act : a four dimensional cinema-cube stretching through time.

Director, Writer, Editor: Geoffrey Alan Rhodes
Producer: Sarah JM Kolberg
Director of Photography: Vincenzo Mistretta
Production Designer: Leslie J. Walker
Costume Designer: Geraldine Duskin

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Eadweard Muybridge, Peter Jaskowiak
Flora Muybridge, Kristen Kos
Leland Stanford, David Holland
Major Harry Larkyns, Guy Balotine
Lawyer Wirt Pendegast, Vincent O'Neill

Best Film, Lancaster Film Festival, NY
Best Photography, Jutro Filmu, Warsaw

selected screenings:
Syracuse International Film Festival, NY
Albright Knox, Buffalo, NY
Top Kino, Vienna